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Pennsylvania′s Nutrient Trading Program is a voluntary program that can be used by point and non-point sources that exceed their environmental obligation to generate credits that may be traded to those seeking nutrient reduction credits.

NutrientNet has two components:

Trading Marketplace: For trading nutrient credits.
Calculation Tools: For calculating credits generated by agricultural management practices and activities.

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Screencast presented at the trading workgroup meeting (6/15/07).

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Disclaimer: NutrientNet is a service provided by the Department to promote a market for exchange of nutrient credits to achieve environmental improvements in the Chesapeake Bay more effectively. The Department does not guarantee that any credits for sale on NutrientNet are legally sufficient for use in an NPDES permit; each credit must be certified, verified and registered before it is allowed to be used in a permit. All credits listed have been certified, which indicates the Department's acceptance of the calculations used to determine the number of credits for a given nutrient-reduction practice. See the Department Nutrient Trading Policy ( Keyword: Nutrient Trading) for more information, or contact the Water Planning Office at 717-772-4785.

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