NutrientNet User's Guide

Completed Trades

After a bid is accepted, it becomes a pending trade. Pending trades are awaiting DEP approval. At this time, DEP must individually approve or reject each pending trade. In this process, DEP ensures that all materials, such as contracts and supporting documentation, are provided by the parties involved. In addition, DEP verifies that the trade is within the tradable loads specified in the tributary strategy.

The status of trades can be viewed by logging into your NutrietNet account and clicking on the 'Your Activity Activity' main menu item and the 'Trades' submenu item. All trades, pending, approved and rejected, are displayed here.

When a pending trade is accepted or rejected by DEP, a notification email is sent to both the buyer and the seller. If the pending trade is accepted, credits are immediately transferred from the seller's to the buyer's account, and it becomes a completed trade.