NutrientNet User's Guide

Credits Needed Board

Potential buyers of credits, seeking to alert potential sellers of their need, can post requests for credits to the Credits Needed Board. Unlike the Marketplaces, the Credits Needed Board is only a listing of credits that potential buyers are seeking. There is no mechanism on the board to complete trades.

To view notices of credits needed, login to NutrientNet and click the 'Trade Credits' main menu item then the 'Credits Needed Board' submenu item. The board displays a row for each posting created and includes the watershed, account making the request and a list of the year, nutrient and number of credits requested. To contact the account posting the request, the 'buyer' in this case, click the 'View' link next to the posting, then the 'Contact Buyer' button at the bottom of the posting detail. Enter a message to the buyer and click the button. This will send an email to the buyer.

To post a notice of credits needed to the board, click on the 'Post Credits Needed' button on the Credits Needed Board. Select a watershed and enter an optional expiration date, then enter the water year, nutrient and number of credits requested. You can enter as many year/nutrient combinations as desired in this form. You can also enter 'Additional Information for Interested Party'. This will appear on the posting detail. After all information is entered, click the 'Post Credits to Board' button at the bottom of the page.

To view and modify postings that you have placed on the credits needed board, either find the posting on the board and click the 'view' link, or click the 'Trade Credits' main menu item and the 'Credits Needed' submenu item. This will take you to the posting detail. Click the 'Modify Posting' button and make the changes on the form.