NutrientNet User's Guide


Projects in NutrientNet are activities or groups of activities that generate credits. For an agricultural source, these are usually best management practices, such as cover crops of conservation tillage. For non-agricultural sources, projects may include upgrades on wastewater treatment plants. Projects may contain one or many credit generating activities.

Projects must be for a single watershed, chesapeake bay segment, county, source type (non-point or point) and account; however, they may contain a number of years and more than one nutrient.

To view the projects that have been generated by your account, click on the 'Your Account Activity' main menu and the 'Projects' submenu. This listing shows the project number, name of the project, watershed, county, date created, status and credit information. The credit information displayed includes the number of credits initially generated, currently owned, currently posted to the marketplace and in the Seller Reserve. This overview screen can be very useful in managing a project portfolio - seeing which credits remain to be sold and which ones have already been traded.