NutrientNet User's Guide

Submit Bids

Only registered users can submit bids to buy credits on NutrientNet. To get started, first login to NutrientNet. Next, click on the 'Trade Credits' main menu. This will take you to the Nitrogen marketplace. If you would like to access the Phosphorus marketplace, click on the 'Phosphorus Market' submenu item.

To learn more about the Marketplaces, use the Marketplaces help page.

On the marketplace page, find the credits that you are interested in placing a bid on. To do so, you can limit the watershed or year(s) display, or sort by the column headings. After identifying these credits, click the 'View' link next to the credits. This will take you to the posting detail page. Click the 'Submit Bid' button at the bottom of the posting detail. This will take you to the 'Submit Bid' page.

On the 'Submit Bid' page, you will see the number of credits available and ask price for each water year in the posting. Enter the number of credits to buy and the bid price per credit in the form. You can also enter a bid expiration date, if you only want the bid to be valid until the specified date. After the bid expiration date, the seller can no longer accept or reject your bid. Enter additional information to the seller, if desired. This information will be e-mailed to the seller and will appear to the seller when they review the bid. Review the liability disclaimer in red, and then click the 'Submit Bid to Buy Credits' button.

Bids are considered binding and only bids on credits that you plan to buy should be submitted. After a bid is submitted, the seller is notified of the bid. The seller then reviews the bid, either accepting or rejecting it. When the seller accepts or rejects the bid, you will be notified via e-mail.

You can also check the status of any bids by clicking on the 'Your Account Activity' menu and selecting the 'Bids Placed' submenu. All bids placed are listed here. Use the tabs to select the status of the bid.