NutrientNet User's Guide

Trading Basics

The diagram below shows the trading process on NutrientNet.

The Department of Environmental Protection must first make credits available to an account by adding certified credits to the seller's account. In the next version of NutrientNet, account holders will be able to submit an electronic application for certification of credits to DEP. In this version, certified credits must be submitted to DEP by contacting the department via phone or mail.

After the credits are available in the seller's account, the seller can post credits to the marketplace by creating a marketplace 'posting'. This posting can include a single project or multiple projects, and it can span multiple years; however, a posting must be for a single watershed and nutrient and optionally includes an ask price.

Next, the buyer will view the marketplace and place a 'bid' on those credits. A 'bid' is an offer for all or part of the credits in a posting. The buyer can specify a bid price that is different from the ask price originally submitted in the posting.

After the bid is submitted, the seller reviews the bid, accepting or rejecting it. If the bid is accepted, it becomes a pending/proposed trade. This proposed trade is forwarded to DEP for final approval. If DEP chooses to approve the proposed trade, it becomes a completed trade and credits are removed from the seller account and added to the buyer's account.