Phosphorus Marketplace

Limit by Watershed and Compliance Year
Watershed: All Watersheds Susquehanna Potomac
Compliance Year: All Years
Phosphorus Credits in DEP reserve: 80
Compliance Year / Watershed Posting # Credits Available* Price per Credit
2009 Susquehanna Watershed #POST-000014 146 Request for Inquiry
2009 Susquehanna Watershed #POST-000016 217 Request for Inquiry
Indicates a posting that you placed on the marketplace.
Indicates a posting that you have submitted a bid on.
* These are credits certified by the Department. Certification is the first step in allowing credits to be used to satisfy NPDES permit obligations. Certifications issued by the Department for credits are contingent on verification and registration, and possibly other conditions. Contact the Department if you would like to see the certification for any credits you are considering to purchase.