NutrientNet User's Guide

Post Credits

To post credits to the Marketplaces, you must be logged into NutrientNet. After logging into Nutrient, you can post credits to the marketplace either by clicking on the 'Post Credits' link on your Account Dashboard, or by click on the 'Trade Credits' menu item and then the 'Post Credits' submenu item.

After clicking on one of these links, you will be presented with the 'Post Credits to the Marketplace' form. This form shows the credits that you have available on the right column, displayed by nutrient and watershed. If you have credits available to post for a particular nutrient and watershed, that number will be hyperlinked. Clicking on that number will select the nutrient and watershed for the posting.

Another way to select the nutrient and watershed for posting is at the top of the page, under 'Select Marketplace and Watershed'. Toggling between the options displayed refreshes the form to display only the credits that are available for posting.

Once the nutrient and watershed is selected, enter an optional posting expiration date, the asking price per credit for each year, and the number of credits from each project to post to the marketplace. If a posting expiration date is entered, the posting will no longer appear on the marketplace after the date entered. Enter terms and conditions, if desired, and additional information for the buyer. This information will be displayed on the marketplace posting.

When all of the information has been entered, click the 'Post Credits to Marketplace' button. Credits are immediately posted to the marketplace. To manage your postings, click on 'Your Account Activity' and then 'Posted Credits'. Postings can be modify or removed from the marketplace.